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"In the summer of 1996, I bought a copy of the Feng Shui RPG at my local game store and a copy of Jackie Chan's Police Story at my local video store. It was like injecting jet fuel straight into my veins. I'd never look at films or roleplaying games the same way again. And I've never been able to get enough since.

Whether you're an old fan or a new fan of Feng Shui's explosive cinematic action, I know you feel the same way. This is your chance to make it happen. I've assembled an all-star team of designers and artists. We are blowing up with amazing ideas! Electrifying adventures, startling pop-up junctions, all-new setting supplements, blockbuster campaigns!

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Justin Alexander,
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Coming Soon!

Here's what we have planned for 2021!

Thanks to the support of our Dragons subscribers, these books are now guaranteed to become a reality! But the more subscribers who support Feng Shui, the bigger our dreams can become. We want to do larger books in the future with more art, VTT support, and more! But we need your help!

Burning Dragon (Summer 2021)

Thousands have gathered in Mongolia for the Burning Dragon festival … but this year it’s been taken over by ancient sorcerers and Triad gangsters! Race across the Gobi Desert in an all-out brawl to gain control of chi across the ages! Jonathan Killstring invites you to the wildest party in this — or any other! — junction in this pulse-pounding adventure! Anticipated to be a (upgraded to) 48-page full-color softcover at $15.95 MSRP, PDF at $7.95 MSRP.

We’ll Temporarily Have Paris (Fall 2021)

A new pop-up juncture has appeared in the Netherworld. Portals have opened to Paris in May 1944. Your J-meter readings suggest the juncture will be open for a whole week and that the weather in the beautiful, historic city will be wonderful and sunny. The only downside? It’s full of Nazis. Paul Dean, co-creator of Shut Up, Sit Down, is giving us the fantastic opportunity to punch them in the face! Anticipated to be a 32-page full-color softcover at $15.95 MSRP, PDF at $7.95 MSRP.

Apeworld on Fire! (Late Summer 2021)

A fast and furious car chase through the Netherworld leaves our heroes stranded in the wastelands of the apocalypse! The ecosystem is shattered, oily purple clouds choke the sky, and your neighbors will probably kill you for water, fuel, or fun. But don’t worry, it can always get worse! Just over the horizon there’s a city of cybernetic apes and their psycho-phantic mutant freaks! Feng Shui veteran Paul Stefko returns to the game, revealing all-new details of the bleak Future junction. Anticipated to be a 32-page full-color softcover at $15.95 MSRP, PDF at $7.95 MSRP.

The Inside Game (Winter 2021)

ENnie Award-winner James Mendez Hodes takes your Feng Shui campaign to São Salvador da Bahia de Todos los Santos, Brazil in 1850 CE. The European slavers are cracking down on the Afro-Brazilian capoeira martial artists: Join the revolution, fight the ghost pirates, and seek the quilombo hidden deep in the Amazon! Anticipated to be a 32-page full-color softcover at $15.95 MSRP, PDF at $7.95 MSRP.

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You'll find all the basic Q&A here. If you have any other questions, please ask us on our official Feng Shui forum (and request your special Dragon group badge) or email us at crowdfund@atlas-games.com.

What will I get by subscribing?

All subscribers receive the PDF when the book goes to the printer. Digital-only subscribers get 10% off the PDF, while Physical subscribers get it for free. Physical subscribers also save 10% off the retail price of each new Feng Shui release.

When is the first book coming out?

We're planning to ship the first book to subscribers during the second quarter of 2021.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will only be charged when your book or product ships, and we'll warn you in advance. There will be no more than one product release per month, and we anticipate starting the subscription with 4 supplements released in 2021.

How much will the books cost?

Physical subscribers get a 10% discount on new books: The first four books will be 32-page, full-color softcover books priced at $15.95 MSRP. You'll subtract 10% and pay $14.35. And you'll get the early-access PDF for FREE!

Digital subscribers get a 10% discount on new PDFs: The 32-page PDF for each of the first four books will be priced at $7.95. You'll subtract 10% and pay $7.15. And you'll still get early access!

This is a variable product subscription to the line, so future Feng Shui books will likely be released at different specs and price points. Subscribers will be notified of upcoming books and their prices before being charged.

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We're confident you'll love the the Feng Shui Dragons subscription plan. If you find it's not for you, you can cancel at any time. Just use our handy subscriptions dashboard after you've registered to make changes.

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Subscribers pay tax plus the best deal we can find for shipping, no "handling fees" added. Shipping will depend on your location and the size of the book(s), but will be our actual cost.

For overseas customers, we'll use a DDP (delivery duty paid) service so that tax is collected at the border and billed back to us. Many countries have reduced or 0% VAT rates on books. Some countries have "de minimis" exemptions for goods under a certain value. We will include your expected tax with the shipping charge when you're billed for the book, so you shouldn't pay anything on delivery.

Right now shipping rates are affected by Covid surcharges (due to limited air cargo capacity), and there may be rate changes between now and then. But if we mailed a 32-page adventure weighing 8oz TODAY, shipping (not including tax, if any) would be about $3 in the USA. And overseas? See our full list for sample shipping rates (again, not including tax).

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